Personal & Home Cyber Protection

Complete identity protection, cybersecurity and tech support services for home and family.

iDefend basic service included with every monitored residential home security system.

In today’s interconnected online world, cyber criminals can hack and exploit everything from computers and cell phones to smart homes and IOT (Internet of Things) devices to steal identities and even access bank accounts. Staying safe and protecting against cybercrime online and at home requires a new generation of cyber protection.


We’ve got you covered.

Every home alarm service customer is automatically covered by the basic iDefend membership including identity theft protection and cybersecurity support. No strings attached.

What's Included:

ID Theft Hotline

You have access to ID theft and cybersecurity experts who are ready to help answer questions, identify and respond to scams, and assist with potential identity theft incidents.

ID Theft Recovery

You’ve got expert help stopping ID theft with full recovery services for all types of ID theft including credit fraud, account takeover, medical ID theft, tax return fraud, Social Security fraud, criminal records fraud and more.

$1 Million Coverage

You are protected against fraud loss and recovery expenses up to $1 million for any out-of-pocket costs incurred for attorneys, lost wages, court fees, and other expenses related to identity restoration.

Computer Security Checkups

A full cybersecurity checkup done twice a year by secure remote connection including deep system virus scans, malware removal, antivirus and security settings review and updates.

Home Cyber Defense Checkup

A free annual cybersecurity and identity theft checkup done remotely with a member of our cybersecurity team to make sure you have adequate defenses against online predators.

Online Privacy Resources

Access to free online tools and do-it-yourself resources to help you improve your cyber hygiene, better protect your privacy, and safeguard against identity and financial fraud.

Cyberhood Watch

Cybersecurity and fraud alerts, news and tips to help you spot and avoid scams, financial fraud, and fast changing identity theft and cybersecurity threats.

Household Coverage

Identity protection included for all members of the family including spouse and all children up to the age of 18.

How It Works

For current Security Central customers, your iDefend Basic account will need to be setup.

Setup your iDefend Account.

Enter into your iDefend account web portal your family members and devices to be protected.  Then schedule your home cyber defense checkup and your computer/device security checkups that are included with your iDefend plan at no cost to you.

Call the fraud hotline.

If you have a concern about ID theft, bank fraud, credit fraud, computer viruses, or online scams, call the iDefend support hotline at 801-724-6211.

Get expert help.

If you ever have an identity theft problem, you’ve got a team of trained experts waiting to jump into action and completely resolve your ID theft case with minimal stress and headaches.

Cybersecurity Personal Hotline

Want even more protection?

Automatically save up to 20% on upgraded iDefend plans that include these additional powerful features to protect all areas of your digital life.

Identity Monitoring

Full ID theft monitoring including dark web scans, account takeover monitoring, USPS change of address notifications, SSN trace monitoring and more.

Credit Monitoring

Access to 24/7 credit monitoring, reports and scores to be alerted to changes to your credit profile including potential credit fraud incidents.

Social Media Monitoring

24/7 monitoring and alerts for personal information privacy risks, harassment, bullying, cyber-stalking, vulgarity, and other unwanted content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts

Sex Offender & Crime Maps

Access to sex offender and crime tracking maps from local police departments to show you the location of predators and criminal activity near you.