Commercial Cybersecurity

Simple and affordable solutions to protect businesses against cybercrime, data breaches and identity theft risks.


Data Breach Prevention and Compliance.

Every business today is a target for cybercrime – regardless of size. 85% of data breaches are at small and mid-sized businesses, and 6 in 10 small businesses now fail within 6 months of a cyber-attack.*

Get protected. Get Compliant. Get Certified.

Data Breach Prevention and Compliance

With business cyber liability skyrocketing, good cyber risk management has become vital to business success and longevity. It’s an executive management responsibility, not something to leave to your IT staff alone.

Safeguard your business against data breaches, cybersecurity compliance and identity theft risks.

  • Understand your cyber risks to make better business decisions
  • Reduce your risk and financial exposure
  • Simplify and save money on cybersecurity compliance
  • Boost customer trust
  • Compliments existing IT security efforts

Start with a free risk assessment and consultation.

Protecting your company starts with understanding your cyber risks. Take this quick online assessment and find out:

  • Your current risk of a data breach
  • Your current compliance score
  • What a breach would cost you

You’ll then have the opportunity to review your results with one of our experts and create a quick roadmap with simple steps you can take now to improve.


Identify data security risks and compliance gaps.


Close the security gaps and implement necessary safeguards.


Verify successful implementation of safeguards.


Ongoing compliance support and certification.

Cyber Risk Management Made Easy

InfoSafe is a single platform for all your cyber risk assessment, compliance, audit, governance and policy management.

Risk & Compliance Assessments

Simplified online self-assessment with executive summary report showing complete list of compliance gaps, current data breach risk level, and estimated cost of a breach for your organization.

Information Security Plan

Complete data security and privacy plan created and maintained for your organization including all required policies and procedures to meet and stay compliant with federal, state and industry requirements.

Business Continuity

Planning and safeguards to ensure the protection and availability of business data through cyber-attacks and worst-case scenarios.

Vulnerability Testing

Regular compliance-based vulnerability scans of your networks, website, and computers to identify and help address potential security gaps and compliance requirements.

Employee Training

Complete online learning system with tracking, reporting and testing.  Meets mandatory security training requirements and helps employees become a line of defense and limit the risk of a breach occurring.

Third Party Risk

Questionnaires, assessments, agreements, and other risk management resources to help ensure vendors and business associates follow appropriate cybersecurity practices for protecting confidential data.

Incident Response

Data breach response planning and incident response services to plan ahead and quickly respond to future incidents, minimizing financial, operational and reputational damages.


Cybersecurity questionnaire and compliance audit readiness with evidence-based reports demonstrating your company’s current level of compliance and maturity, following regulatory and industry cybersecurity standards.

Documentation & Reports

Compliance documentation and executive summary reports detailing your organization’s current cybersecurity compliance status to satisfy both internal and external cyber risk management and compliance reporting requirements.

Compliance. Simplified.

Data security and privacy compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. InfoSafe provides you with a single cybersecurity framework to keep your company in line with virtually all major federal, state and industry standards.

Simple. Smart. Efficient.

NIST/NIST 800-171
ISO 27001


InfoSafe Certification

Your customers care about their data security and privacy. Show them you do, too.

InfoSafe Certification gives you critical third-party validation that your organization is proactively protecting confidential and sensitive information, and that you meet the minimum government and industry standards for data security and privacy.

The Ongoing Support You Need

Let’s Get Your Business Cyber-Safe!

Discover a simple and affordable way to manage your cybersecurity and compliance risks.

Your Team of Experts

Your dedicated risk management and compliance team goes above and beyond, from initial assessment and implementation to certification and audit support.

Incident Response

Your InfoSafe breach response team moves quickly to help contain threats, diagnose incidents, and assist in recovery.

Reminders & Accountability

Ongoing guidance, automated reminders, and personal support to help keep your company safe and compliant with the latest best practices and regulations.