How does Security Central compare to other alarm companies?

What we do may be similar to our national competitors, but HOW we do it is completely different. Since most alarm companies offer similar equipment, the difference is how your system is designed, serviced, and monitored. As a local, family-owned business, we offer a level of personalized attention and C.A.R.E. that large companies can’t due to the huge number of customers and territories they serve. Yet we are large enough to have the staff and equipment to deliver the 24-hour a day attention that you expect. You will appreciate the difference in our service anytime you call our Quick-C.A.R.E. center. We won’t force you to listen to irritating voice prompts. Instead we answer every call every time with a real live professional who can help you.

How many customers does Security Central have?

We currently serve thousands of residential and commercial customers in the Denver-Metro area. We are proud to be one of the largest full-service alarm companies in Colorado. But we also know that the key to our success is being the best rather than the biggest. We insist on treating our customers with the personal C.A.R.E. and respect that we expect from businesses we patronize.

How do Security Central prices compare to the coupons I have seen from other alarm companies?

We pride ourselves on providing the best value in the security industry. First, we focus on identifying the proper level of security and service you need rather than trying to force you into a preconfigured basic package that may not provide adequate security. Second, we design our installation and service prices to keep your long-term total cost of ownership (TCO) as low as possible. Third, we make sure that you are going to receive the ongoing service and support you expect. Once you compare the Security Central approach, you will realize the “FREE” system that the competitors’ coupon offered is not free at all and is typically not the best approach for you. We want to serve you for many years, so we make sure that our systems and our services are priced to provide you with exceptional value. Give us a call to learn how we make security affordable for you.

How long does it take Security Central to respond to my alarm?

Answering your calls and alarms quickly is one of our core C.A.R.E. values, so we commit to staffing at a level that allows us to respond right away. When we receive your alarm signal, our first attempt to contact you typically occurs in less than 30 seconds


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What happens if I trip my alarm accidentally?

When we receive an alarm signal, the first step we take is to attempt to notify you of the alarm and determine whether a true emergency exists. We can call your designated phone numbers, send you a text message, and/or send an email to advise you of the alarm condition. You then have the opportunity to tell us it was an accidental alarm or to request notification of police or fire responders.

Can I add cameras to my alarm system?

Security Central offers many different video surveillance solutions ranging from simple residential cameras to sophisticated commercial video management systems. All of our video systems are designed to put video images at your fingertips via your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Before investing in video cameras, it is very important to first identify your objectives and expectations for your cameras. A video system must be designed properly to provide useful images that will serve your needs. Call one of our experts today to learn more about how video cameras can help you manage your home or business.

Can I control my system from my smart phone?

Security Central offers the latest in security technology including alarm systems, camera systems, and keyless entry systems that can all be remotely controlled via your smart phone, tablet, or P.C. Your security is right at your fingertips!


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How long does it take to get a system installed?

We will begin working on the design and set-up of your system as soon as you contact us. We can generally meet with you to perform a Signature Security Review of your home or business the same day you call. The system installation is usually scheduled to be completed within a week. However, we always do our best to work with customers who have emergency situations that call for immediate security enhancements.

What if I don't have a land-line phone at my house?

Security Central offers multiple communication technologies for your alarm system. We can receive alarm signals via the internet, wireless cellular network, or traditional phone lines. We can also notify you of alarm conditions using your preferred method of communication. Therefore, we can provide the best communication and security solution for you no matter what communication technologies you use.

Can I use Voice Over I.P. (VOIP) phone services such as Vonnage or Magicjack for alarm communication?

The reason we configure your system to communicate only via approved alarm communication mediums such as analog phone lines, cellular networks, or internet connections is to ensure that your alarm signals transmit successfully in the event of an emergency. Most VOIP phone-service providers advise their customers NOT to connect alarm systems to VOIP lines since the alarm signals will not transmit consistently. Let us know what type of phone communication you use so we can recommend the most reliable solution.