Security Central's Response to COVID-19



Over the last few weeks, we have seen our world react in fear and uncertainty over the COVID-19 Pandemic. At Security Central, we keep our Mission, Vision, and Values at the forefront of who we are and how we do business. Our Vision includes, “Our Communities flourish in Safety and Security.” We understand that right now that Vision is being challenged, perhaps more than ever in our 51-year history. 


Rest assured that Security Central is taking steps to ensure that through these turbulent times, we will be here to provide for you, your family and your business. Because our systems monitor life safety devices, we are considered “essential” and will not be subject to any shelter-in-place mandates. We are still here to provide our consulting, installation/repair, and monitoring services. 


What we are doing:

Last fall we moved to a new building with the vision of being on the cutting edge of technology and services. Consequently, as this pandemic evolved, our workforce was already able to work remotely as needed. While we never envisioned that a global virus would be the cause of us using our upgraded technology, we are happy to have it in place. To reduce the risk of acquiring and spreading the virus, we have required that the majority of our staff work remotely each day. Security Central’s leadership is prioritizing our employees and clients and is closely monitoring this situation. If additional changes are needed, we will implement those while keeping our primary core value of “Caring for your Personal Safety and Peace of Mind” at the center of our focus. 


Our Monitoring: 

Know that our monitoring services remain intact. Weeks ago steps were taken to ensure that if this pandemic continued, our monitoring team would be able to continue to meet your needs. Plans and equipment were put into place so the alarm operators monitoring your system are able to do so remotely, maintaining social distance requirements. This setup meets or exceeds the industry requirements for UL-Listed monitoring services. 


Need to Secure your Home or Business?

We understand that the current climate has created fear and uncertainty for many, and Security Central is here to help. As part of our efforts, we are offering a DIY+ option. Under normal circumstances, we believe a security system installed by a professional is the best route, but we also want to respect the government’s requests to socially distance ourselves from each other. Our DIY+ solution will allow one of our representatives to meet with you over a video phone call so we can design a system to fit your needs. We can then pre-program your system and ship it to you. Rather than have you install the system completely on your own as is the case with most DIY solutions, we will provide remote support from our technical team using a video phone call. Lastly, once this pandemic has passed, we will send a technician to do a system inspection and verify the proper operation of the system.


Our Mission, Vision, & Values:

While the world around us is changing dramatically, our commitment to serving you is not.  We remain fully committed to our Mission, Vision, and Values.


Our Mission: Impacting Lives4


Our Vision: Four Circles of Impact

      • Employees Thrive both Personally & Professionally
      • Customers Rave about the C.A.R.E. they Receive
      • Communities Flourish in Safety & Security
      • The World Believes in Hope & Love


Our C.A.R.E. Values:  Our pledge to…

      • Care for Your Personal Safety and Peace of Mind
      • Answer Your Calls & Alarms Quickly
      • Reflect Godly Character in All We Do
      • Earn a Fair Profit to Fuel Our Positive Impact on Peoples Lives