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Employee of Excellence January 2022

News & Blog

Congratulations to David Badger.  David is our inaugural Employee of Excellence for the month of January!

As we pursue our Word of the Year, Excellence, in 2022, we are going to recognize one employee each month that has exhibited Excellence in an especially impactful way.  

Badger went above and beyond his normal job duties this month to improve the way we get permits for fire and access jobs.  In an effort to create a permitting process of Excellence, David created training documents, scheduled group training sessions with the new Permitting Team (Dave, Gabe, Julie, and Rick), and worked one-on-one with the the new permitting team members to make sure they understand how to properly prepare and submit the permit application packages.

It has taken many hours of David’s time to put together the new Permitting Process, hours that could have been spent earning sales commissions.  But his efforts will positively impact the productivity of the sales team as they will be freed up to spend more time selling and less time pursuing permits.  It will also make the entire permitting process flow more smoothly, timely, and effectively to reassure technicians and clients that the necessary permits and inspections will be ready when the job is complete.

Thank you, David, for helping us become a company of Excellence!

Give David Badger your kudos and thanks for making us a company of Excellence in our permitting process!