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S.C. Upgrades Monitoring for Faster Response

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Security Central is totally committed to our C.A.R.E. values.  Each of the letters in C.A.R.E. represents a specific pledge to you and all our clients.  The “A” is our pledge to “Answer your calls and alarms quickly.”  That commitment to fast, personalized response has been one of the cornerstones of our success through the decades.

Our standard for quick alarm response has been to call you within 30 seconds of receiving your alarm.  However, as technology has changed and people’s expectations have changed with it, we realize 30 seconds is no longer fast enough.  We have also noticed our clients’ communication preferences changing, with more and more people preferring to use text messaging instead of phone calls.  Therefore, we need to update the way we communicate while still providing quick, personal acknowledgement to each of your incoming calls.

We are pleased to announce Security Central has upgraded to a new monitoring model that will enable us to provide faster, higher-tech, yet still personalized, response to your alarms and your phone calls.  Security Central has partnered with the alarm industry’s leading provider of monitoring center technologies and human resources.  Our new partnership provides us with new resources to better serve you.

Our new monitoring technology will provide you with almost instant notification when your alarm is tripped.  You will receive a text message with a link to a multi-person “Chat” feature that enables you to communicate with the other people on your notification list and with our monitoring operators within seconds.  If you don’t respond via the electronic Chat session, we will still call you as we always have.

The new partnership also provides you with greater reliability and redundancy.  We will now have three fully-redundant, regional monitoring centers to serve you from:  our current facility in Centennial, a second center in Utah, and a third site in Idaho.  The three-way redundancy provides you assurance of uninterrupted service should we experience communication-provider interruptions, equipment failures, or natural disasters.  The new multi-site model also better equips us to handle your calls and alarms quickly during peak busy times.

As part of our technological remodel, we have also implemented new processes and procedures to provide improved specialization and expertise.  As Security Central has grown and our service offerings have become more complex, it is difficult for a single person or even a single team to be expert in all areas.  Therefore, we are creating specialized teams to focus on the specific needs that our clients have.  Our Denver-based team of experts will focus on providing the primary Client C.A.R.E. functions while simpler services will be shared by teams in the other facilities.

We are excited about these improvements.  The investment and changes are being made so we can better fulfill the “C” in C.A.R.E. – our pledge to “Care for your personal safety and peace of mind.”  The new monitoring platform will enable us to provide you with the fastest and best security and safety services available.  If you have any questions regarding these exciting changes, please contact us at 303-721-0111.