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I-C.A.R.E. Winner Summer 2021

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Queens of C.A.R.E.

Jennifer and Madison, two of our Client C.A.R.E. Services team members, were selected by their Security Central teammates as the recipients of this quarter’s I-C.A.R.E. award.  They were recognized for their effort to help a confused, elderly client.

The client, “Doc” as his family calls him, is nearly 90 years old.  Doc is widowed, hard of hearing, and experiencing mental decline.  Yet he still lives independently in a retirement community.  

Doc’s alarm system sent us a signal indicating it had lost electrical power.  Jennifer responded to the signal by calling Doc to advise him of the electrical problem in his home.  Jennifer could tell that Doc wasn’t fully comprehending the situation, so she concluded the conversation and then reached out to a family member of Doc’s to advise them of the situation.

Doc called back a short time later.  His call was answered by Madison.  Madison also could tell that Doc wasn’t understanding the situation fully.  He kept repeating that he was planning to leave town and wanted to make sure everything would be all right.  Like Jennifer, Madison took the extra steps to contact a family member and get their assistance before Doc left the house. 

When the family member arrived at Doc’s home, they discovered the electrical problem had affected not only the alarm system, but also Doc’s refrigerator and freezer. The family member was grateful for the additional steps Jennifer and Madison took.  Without them, the family member feared Doc would have eaten spoiled food without realizing the refrigerator/freezer wasn’t working.

Two concerned, young women caring for one sweet, old man.  Thanks, Jennifer and Madison, for showing how we C.A.R.E.!