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Security Central Makes Big Community Impact in 2016

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At Security Central we don’t often toot our own horn, but we are excited about the impact we made in 2016 through our Million Dollar Impact Initiative. If you will allow us to brag a little bit, we would like to share with you some of the highlights of our charitable efforts and the impact they had on our community this past year in hope of inspiring you to join us in acts of generosity this coming year.

Security Central’s ultimate goal in all we do is to positively impact lives in four expanding circles of influence: our employees, our clients, our community, and the world. To kick off 2016 we set a big-vision goal for ourselves and declared that we would give away a million dollars to local and international charities who impact our community and the world in ways that we cannot. As a small, local business we knew achieving a goal that big would take us a while, so we gave ourselves ten years to earn and give away the million dollars, but we are committed to making it happen even faster. With the help of great clients like you, we believe we can accelerate our impact and reach the million dollar mark in seven years or less.

In 2016, the first year of our Million Dollar Impact Initiative, Security Central donated over $110,000 to our charity partners. In addition, many clients like you joined us in the effort and donated over $15,000 to amplify the impact. Together, that’s over $125,000 of direct impact on our community and the world! However, it is not just the dollars donated that excite us; it is the real impact on real lives that inspires us to want to work even harder!

The Million Dollar Impact donations were made to carefully-selected local charities such as Denver Rescue Mission, Save Our Youth, Mile High Ministries and others as well as international charities like Hope International, Lifewater International, and Destiny Rescue. All of the charities chosen provide not only a hand out, but also a hand up with programs that are designed to serve the immediate physical needs and the underlying psychological, social, and spiritual needs of those they serve. The contributions of Security Central and our clients funded the following impact:

1. 2,400 Denver homeless received warm, nutritious meals.
2. 1,500 malnourished children in Africa ate real, life-giving meals.
3. 1,200 DPS students became future leaders through leadership mentoring sessions.
4. 1,000 Denver homeless men and women were given shelter for the night.
5. 400 villagers in Africa now enjoy fresh clean water for life.
6. 1 Haitian village once again has a local church after theirs was destroyed by a hurricane.
7. Much, much more!!!

We have always worked hard to make your world a safer place, but we are committed to also making the world a BETTER place. Our Million Dollar Impact initiative is one concrete way we are doing that. We would love to have you join us so we can make a bigger impact even faster!